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    Using the link below, read the quotes related to information in the 21st century. Select a quote that strikes a chord (either positive or negative). Feel free to share you response in Study Group or by replying to this post.

    • Mr. Blakney
      Mr. Blakney said Apr 27, 2012

      We need to teach filtration and skepticism. We need to teach the skill of assessing the relevance, quality, impartiality, and veracity of evidence used to buttress argument.

      I think that the attention span of students is inversely proportional to the number of information outlets they can access. So we should investigate how we would leverage popular platforms for instruction and problem-solving; why can't students discuss a character or plot line by texting each other?

    • Mr. Cronin
      Mr. Cronin said Apr 28, 2012

      Agreed. Although in order to be skeptical and be able filter effectively, one needs relevent background knowledge. Otherwise everthing seems good.